Developed for Ludum Dare #40.

Last night at the brothel sure was fun, but what’s that itch?

The Theme for this Ludum Dare game challenge was, “The more you have, the worse it is”. Aaah, Crabs! seemed like an obvious topic that would translate well into a fun, yet slightly disturbing, game. Enjoy!

You can play the game for free HERE.


Developed for Ludum Dare #37, in 72 Hours.

Can you survive your first day of work in the Control Room?

This is our first attempt at VR. This game is playable with an Oculus Rift, Grear VR or on a normal screen with a mouse, but that’s not as fun as the VR versions.

You can play the game for free HERE.


Originally Developed for Ludum Dare #36, in 72 Hours, for the theme Ancient Technology.

In breaking news, scientists at the Helsing Research Lab, in Paris, France, claim to have unearthed a coffin containing a 500 year old vampire. There is much doubt over this claim and government officials assure the public there is nothing to worry about. Paris eradicated it’s vampires in the late 1990s with the installation of UV lighting through the city, much of which remains in place today…

You’re an ANCIENT vampire, using modern TECH to avoid the UV lights all around the city of Paris. Get back to your mausoleum on the other side of town to win!

You can play the game demo Here.


Developed for the Game Jolt GDC Jam in 72 Hours.

In the Adventures of Stick Figure Joe, you will help Joe navigate obstacles by drawing objects to assist in his journey. You can draw ramps, crates, or boulders so Joe can walk, or be flung, to safety.

We have received many great comments on this game and are currently working on a more complete Alpha version. Check back here or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the game status.

Streamers and Let’s Players, let us know if you use our games in a video. We’d love to check them out and let our followers know about your videos!

Get the Jam version for FREE on Game Jolt.


Developed for Ludum Dare #34, in 72 Hours.

Space Plant 6000 floats alone in space, trying to catch enough light particles to grow and prosper. But the Space Slugs and Propeller Beasts find his Flowers and Stems a tasty treat! Space Plant’s only protection is his Green Mushroom Shields! Can you help Space Plant collect the matching light particles and protect him from Space Monsters?

You can play the game for free HERE.


Originally Developed for Ludum Dare #33, in 72 Hours.

Billy is an angry little boy. Today is an especially angry day. Billy is so angry he’s seeing red! Angry Billy is quite the little monster! Betty and Sally have noticed Billy is angry and they want to make him happy! Billy wants to stay angry though, and keeps finding items that make as angry as can be.

In Stay Angry, the object is to keep Billy an angry little monster for as long as possible. Grabbing certain items make Billy angrier and give him points. However Sally and Betty want to make Billy happy by giving him flowers. Stay away from the flowers!

Move Billy by tilting your device. Avoid the flowers and little girls, grab everything else (except trees and rocks). Flowers and little girls will make you less angry, other objects will give you points and make you more angry.

Stay Angry is available for FREE on the Google Play Store!


Developed for a Seven Day Rogue Like Challenge.

You are a young elemental. Up to this point you have led a simple, uninteresting life. One day, while going about your business, you see a strange light surround you. Suddenly your vision goes blurry, and you feel yourself being pulled through some kind of portal. As your vision clears, you quickly realize you aren’t at home any more. Far from it, you’re in a strange new Realm, completely unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Looking around, you see what appears to be a small meaty creature next to you, wearing what appears to be a funny hat. As the meaty little creature in the hat looks back at you, you can suddenly hear a booming voice in your head: “Elemental, I am a great Wizard! I have summoned you to the Physical Realm to serve me in my quest for the mighty Staff of GOOLWOLOD! You have one task in this realm, keep me alive!” (A Simple Rougelike, but with a twist. You are the pet).

You can download & play the game HERE.