Developed for a Seven Day Rogue Like Challenge.

You are a young elemental. Up to this point you have led a simple, uninteresting life. One day, while going about your business, you see a strange light surround you. Suddenly your vision goes blurry, and you feel yourself being pulled through some kind of portal. As your vision clears, you quickly realize you aren't at home any more. Far from it, you're in a strange new Realm, completely unlike anything you've ever seen before. Looking around, you see what appears to be a small meaty creature next to you, wearing what appears to be a funny hat. As the meaty little creature in the hat looks back at you, you can suddenly hear a booming voice in your head: "Elemental, I am a great Wizard! I have summoned you to the Physical Realm to serve me in my quest for the mighty Staff of GOOLWOLOD! You have one task in this realm, keep me alive!" (A Simple Rougelike, but with a twist. You are the pet).

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