Farm Mogul is an Idle Time Game that that takes you on down to the farm! In Farm Mogul you can plant crops and raise livestock. Sell you goods at market and watch your profits sore.

Cartel Mogul is an Idle Time Game where you purchase production facilities and hire dealers to sell your goods.

Real Estate Mogul is a simple Idle Time style game, with a few new twists, including employees, retirement bonuses and Permanent Research that remains between retirements.

In the Adventures of Stick Figure Joe, you will help Joe navigate obstacles by drawing objects to assist in his journey.

Trivia Fun is a collection of challenging games you can play with your friends or test you own knowledge of current events, trending stories, and other exciting topics.

In Stay Angry, the object is to keep Billy an angry little monster for as long as possible. Originally Developed for Ludum Dare #33, you can now play for Free on Google Play!

Taco Tapper is an action packed game where the goal is to fill the orders without missing any items. Compete with your friends to Top the Leaderboards and unlock the most Achievements.

Developed for a Seven Day Rogue Like Challenge, Elemental is a simple Rougelike with a twist - you are the pet.